Sirocco Tea




A choice blend of sun-kissed ingredients, organically grown and laden with a sensuous, fruity charm. Will delight even the most discerning palate, time and again (20 sachets of 3g).


The rounded, full-bodied notes of red berries dominate this fruity mix. It is, however, based on hibiscus blossoms, which give the tea its acidity and color. In the world's warmer regions hibiscus blossoms are prized as thirst-quenchers. The addition of other fruit varieties regulates the acid content, and other flavor nuances find their way into the cup. Sirocco's tea taster has succeeded in composing a blend with a brisk, fruity quality while reducing its acidity to an enjoyable level. This tea is also popular with children and many tea-drinkers enjoy the refreshment of this fruit tea either as a hot drink during in the winter or chilled in the summertime.


Fruit teas should be brewed with water at a temperature of 95–98°C (leave the water in the kettle for a short time until it has stopped boiling).

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