Alexis Smart Flower Remedies



AN Approved 

Find your inner light.

Product Description 

If you are suffering from depression (sometimes described as a dark cloud), hopelessness, or your soul is at despair and you feel at the end of your rope, this flower remedy can help bring about a sense of optimism (regardless of circumstances). It will assist by reconnecting you to life and people and will show you that you have the ability to see new possibilities. Most importantly, it will give a light in the darkness and a way out of suffering. Perfect for the colder months when there is a lack of sunshine. 

How to Use

4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue. 1 bottle is a 1 month supply if taken as directed. May be taken more frequently as needed.


Organic vegetable glycerine, spring water and a proprietary blend of organic, wild-harvested *Bach flower essences.

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