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Wellbeing Pod Mini (Black)

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Whatever your wellbeing need, the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini works at the touch of a button, created to fragrance the small spaces where you need a wellbeing boost. Using NEOM's 100% natural essential oil blends, the Wellbeing Pod Mini helps you achieve better sleep, less stress, a mood lift or more energy.  



  • Mini by name, mini by nature. Super compact size.

  • There's no need for water. You diffuse directly from the bottle of the essential oil blend.

  • USB charging and battery-powered so you can take it with you, wherever your wellbeing needs a boost! Including your car, pop it in your drinks holder for wellbeing on the commute.

  • With three different settings, you can decide the intensity and deliver just the right amount of fragrance in minutes.

  • It's super easy to switch up your vibe by switching to your choice of NEOM's Essential Oil Blend. No need to clean in between.

  • NEOM only recommend using NEOM Essential Oil Blends in the Wellbeing Pod Mini as these contain 100% natural ingredients, are safe to use with the Pod.


    • No water tank - Nebulizing/atomising direct from the essential oil bottle. 
    • Compact size & travel-friendly. 
    • Battery operated (does not need to be plugged in to use). 
    • USB cable for charging - fully portable once charged. 
    • The diffuser can be used for 50 hours once charged. 
    • No need for water makes safe for use in the car. 
    • Easy to use and can quickly switch fragrances without having to empty/clean. 
    • Intermittent scent - no big cloud of vapour 3 intensity settings. 
    • Wipe clean. 
    • Maximum coverage is 60 square metres.
    • As the Wellbeing Pod Mini uses cold fusion technology to convert the essential oil into a micro fine vapour, it makes a subtle motor noise in short bursts when releasing the fragrance into your small space.


    Using cold diffusion technology, essential oils are converted into micro fine vapour without using heat or water and released into the atmosphere to stimulate your senses and boost your wellbeing. Handle with care. Do not soak in water. We only recommend using NEOM Essential Oil Blends in the Wellbeing Pod Mini as these contain 100% natural ingredients, are safe to use with the Pod Mini.

    • Fill the 100ml water tank of the Wellbeing Pod with cold water
    • Do not exceed the maximum water level line
    • Add up to 10 drops of the Essential Oil Blend
    • Alternatively you can also add 5 drops to a warm bath, or 1 to 2 drops to your chosen base oil for a relaxing massage
    • Empty any excess water and use a kitchen cloth or towel to wipe away any residue and then wipe dry with a clean cloth after each use. This is because essential oils, can cause damage to the ceramic disc if left in the water tank. This type of damage is not covered under the warranty.


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