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051 Deodorant


Whether it's a slow day at the office or a hard workout at the gym, this reliable yet mild deodorant mitigates perspiration whilst preventing any unwanted odours. Natural fruit alcohols create a constricting effect, pulling pores together to reduce the sweating process. Triethyl citrate lowers the pH of the area it's applied to in order to prevent odour creating bacteria from developing.


  • Witch hazel removes excess oil and moisture by creating a constricting effect on the skin that it is applied to.
  • Lavender improves the effects of the other ingredients due to its antiseptic properties.

 Suitable for all skin types.



    • Spray on clean skin under the arms and allow to dry.

    Clean underarms with SA.AL& CO's 011 Hair and Body Wash, then spray 051 Deodorant on underarms and allow to dry.


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