Facial Collagen Serum


The world’s first-ever vegan Collagen that is a 100% match to human collagen Type 21, with clinically-proven effectiveness.

MERME's Facial Collagen Serum mimics the effect of the natural human collagen production in the body, keeping your skin looking firmer, plumper and smoother. Not only will it increase the collagen concentration in your skin, but it will also help stimulate your own body’s natural collagen production.



  • Fights visible signs of ageing by reducing wrinkles and dryness.
  • Improves skin elasticity and overall radiance of skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars and sun spots.
  • Improves skin brightness, texture, smoothness and softness.
  • Reduces skin redness and pigmentation.

Suitable for all skin types.



    Collagen - MERME Facial Collagen Serum is the first vegan collagen that works without the use of human tissue or animal supplements. Traditionally, the skin care industry has used animal collagen extracted from fish scales and skin - until now.

    Now, in a biodesign fermentation process using only plant sugars, the rejuvenating properties of the human collagen type 21 have been recreated - in a form for application to the skin. This skin-renewing formula with clinically proven results supports the firmness, tenderness and elasticity of the skin - and is the key to a youthful, radiant complexion.


    Spray 2-4 spritzes over the face, and neck, after cleansing and toning. Make sure you allow it to absorb by patting it into the skin. 


    100% Vegan, Bioactive Collagen.


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