Sirocco Tea

Ginger Lemon Dream Herbal Tea


Pure natural ingredients, masterfully combined to create a superbly exotic flavour. A refreshing, bittersweet composition to revitalise the body and spirit.



  • Ginger, licorice and lemon grass produce spiciness, sweetness and a citrus note.
  • Carefully selected, natural ingredients, masterfully combined, create a superbly exotic flavour thanks to their purity.
  • A refreshing, bittersweet composition to revitalize the body and spirit – and all without caffeine.
  • On a warm summer's day, or at any other time of year, this blend is the perfect, naturally sweet alternative to lemonade.

20 Sachets of 2g.


Herbal teas should be brewed with water at a temperature of 95–98°C (leave the water in the kettle for a short time until it has stopped boiling).


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