Selena & Sophia




Delicate Freesia flowers are given effervescence and crispness by a citrus accord of lemon which blends with refreshing green tones. Sakura's depth of fragrance continues with a fruity accent of apple and pear. It may be no surprise to know Sakura means blossom.


Selena & Sophia believe that in a truly gender equal world, we all have the ability to create change. For every candle purchased they pledge to donate to gender equal initiatives around the world: from championing the education of girls to supporting equal rights in the work place. 


The candle has incredible diffusion which means your home will be filled with our beautiful fragrance! Avoid burning the candle longer than three to four hours to maximise the fragrance diffusion. Trim the wick to two millimetres before each burn to prevent sooting. Ensure the top of the candle is transparent with liquid before you extinguish it, for an even burn. To encourage clean burning of the candle avoid burning in draughty areas, such as, in close proximity to open windows. 35-40 hours burn time. 

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