Spacemasks Jasmine Self-Heating Eye Mask (1 x sheet)

1 x Sachet

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Experience a journey to relaxation with Spacemasks! Inside the box you'll get 5 individually-wrapped masks, perfect for slipping over your ears. When the air-activated, self-heating mask warms up, you'll drift away to a tranquil realm. Each foil mask is infused with soothing jasmine, helping to soothe tired eyes, reduce tension headaches, and give you a blissful sleep every night.
How to use
Unwrap the mask just before use. Slip loops over ears and pull mask down over the eyes. Air-activated, within now time these will give off a relaxing scent and warmth that can be worn to bed and while you sleep.
Iron powder, Essence of Jasmine.
About Spacemasks
Tired of being busy? Relax with Spacemask's soothing warmth and gentle jasmine scent. Transport yourself to a place beyond Jupiter and Andromeda, free from earthly stress and gravity for 15 minutes! Enjoy an out-of-this-world kind of relaxation.

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