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Who needs a spa when you can use this luxury treatment in your home?


Perfect for when both body and mind need to relax and unwind.

Work with your Dosha. Designed to balance the Vata energies of the body that controls the nervous system, this heavenly body oil not only nourishes and cares for the skin, but also reduces anxiety leaving you feeling nothing but zen. The oil warms as it is used, so that skin is moisturised, circulation is increased, joints are strengthened and aching bones and muscles are soothed.


Warm the bottle between your hands. Massage oil into skin, starting from your feet and working up towards your middle and moving to arms, shoulders, the back of your neck and ears. Massage limbs using long strokes and massage joints, chest and middle, using circular motions, working in a clockwise direction. Spend 5-15 minutes massaging and then either prepare to sleep or wait 20 minutes, to allow the powerful oils time to penetrate deeply into the skin, before finishing with a warm bath.


A base of almond and sesame oils, with therapeutic grade essential oils of chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood, spikenard, ylang ylang, orange peel, rose damascene, lavender, geranium, vetiver, may chang and sweet marjoram with Vitamin E. Free from water, alcohol, chemical preservatives, stabilisers and additives. 100% natural.

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