The Sensitive Skin Kit

Just because you have sensitive skin it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun! Check out our new Sensitive Skin Kit designed especially for those with reactive skin.

Softening Cleanser

The Superkind Softening Cleanser has a micro-foaming formula that works gently to dissolve build up and impurities on the skin. Free from 85 known common allergens and irritants, this non-stripping cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin.

Radiance Mask

Just because you have sensitive skin it doesn’t mean you can’t exfoliate. With Tata Harper’s Radiance Mask it gently exfoliates the skin with a delicate blend of self-neutralising AHA’s as it replenishes moisture, leaving skin radiant.

Floral Water MSM Toner

Next up is OSKIA’s Floral Water MSM Toner. Delicate and refreshing, this toner leaves your skin soft and conditioned as Vitamin B5 helps to calm and soothe the skin.

Isotonic Hydra Serum

OSKIA’s Isotonic Hydra Serum not only floods skin with moisture but it helps to strengthen the skin’s mantle and lipid barrier, preventing hyper-reactivity for calmer skin.

Glow Under Eye Mask 

Formulated to brighten and soothe the contours of your eye, this Hydrogel eye mask by Skin Glow London gives a 20-minute flash treatment with instant results. 

Nutri-Active Day Cream

Finally, this multi-vitamin, lightweight day cream provides long lasting hydration and essential nutrients to improve cell health and efficiency.

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