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Organic Premium Chlorella Tablets


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AN Approved 

The high levels of chlorophyll in chlorella have led to it becoming a popular component of detoxing regimes. It has 71% of plant-based, natural protein.


Benefits of taking Chlorella Tablets: 

  • Balances the bodies pH by creating alkaline conditions in the body

  • Rejuvenates and cleanses the liver

  • Improves mental performance

  • Supports growth of healthy intestinal flora

  • Detoxifies, cleanses and purifies

  • Energises and heals

  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue

  • Supports the immune system

  • Helps promote healthy skin

How to use 

Take six to ten (6-10) tablets per day with water or juice. 


100% Organic Chlorella (500mg per tablet). Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Naturally free from gluten and wheat. No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners, binders or fillers.

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