As soon as we heard about new British luxury brand Selena & Sophia and their unique business ethos, we couldn’t wait to not only stock their exquisite products, but also to chat with them directly!

With a philanthropic support of gender equality, through their collections Selena & Sophia seek to act as vehicles of change by championing equal rights initiatives around the world. Their aim being: to create contemporary products that define equality in luxury. Our feminine powerhouse founder Meesha Kanadia recently interviewed the brand’s originator, Reena, so that we could share a little more with you on this contemporary topic – And here’s what she had to say…

What was the inspiration behind the brand? 

“I wanted to create a brand that did not shy away from being pretty, feminine, timeless, contemporary, classic, luxurious, yet with a gender equality stance, which customers would be proud to have in their home or to give as a gift.  I am very passionate about gender equality as it seems to be a worldwide issue from glass ceilings in the workplace, stereotypes to the simple fact that: girls are not viewed as being equal to boys (which to me is unfathomable).”

How do you source the ingredients for the candles? 

“Our first Collection of candles has taken 3 years to curate. We work very closely with perfumers to ensure we have a perfect combination in each scent.  Inspired by my travels over the years, I wanted to create a Collection of perfumed candles that would take you away to far away lands and induce a state of relaxation, to enjoy with friends and family.”

What's your favourite candle? 

“That is a difficult one as they are all fabulous!  If I really had to choose I would go for SAKURA. It means cherry blossom in Japanese and reminds me of my visit there.  Lemon combines with freesia, apple and pear, bringing the outdoors indoors. When we’re stuck indoors on rainy days, I love to light this candle.”

What's next for Selena & Sophia? 

“Where to start!? Our Fortnum & Mason customers regularly request the diffuser to compliment the candle.  That is next on the radar! Look out for them in 2020…”