Meet Henrietta Norton, Founder of Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition is the expert in women’s nutritional health. Your guide to nutrition, using nature as theirs. Led by Founder & Formulator Henrietta Norton, they scour the earth for nature’s most revered ingredients, harnessing their intelligence in their Food-Grown® supplements. 

Inspired by 20,000 clinics and consultations with women at every life stage, from puberty to post-menopause, their naturally-sourced supplements support you through every twist and turn of your life journey. 

Empowering you with the knowledge and nutrients to transform your health, naturally.

The Wild story 

In 2010, while formulating for healthcare giants, nutritional therapist Henrietta Norton decided to go it alone, creating her own Food-Grown® supplements and, in doing so, reshaping the future of the supplement market. How? By pursuing a natural path. A path that honoured her 17 years’ clinical experience in women’s nutritional health. 

“I knew the supplement market could and should be better. I knew I could raise the bar with formulations that better reflected real women and real life stages, with naturally-sourced, naturally-effective ingredients.” Henrietta Norton

In 2013, together with husband Charlie, the Nortons founded Wild Nutrition from a shed in their back garden. Fast forward to today and the brand is now a global collaboration with scientists, organic farmers and mycologists across the world. 

The philosophy 

The best form of nutrition? The food Mother Nature provides. Yet 95% of today’s nutritional supplements are synthetically derived. Food-Grown® supplements are naturally sourced, harnessing the intelligence of nature’s ingredients. 

Vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals are formulated - with all their essential compounds - so our bodies recognise these formulations as food. Scientific studies show just how effectively Food-Grown® nutrients are recognised, absorbed and retained. No fillers or binders, no overwhelming mega doses, just naturally effective supplements, supported by research and real life. 

“Our Food-Grown® philosophy means we formulate supplements as close to their original, natural state as possible. It’s the power of the whole: vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals, with all their essential compounds, meticulously formulated to their optimal amount.” Charlie Norton

Science-backed results

Over 50 scientific studies show the Food-Grown® evidence is real. In 2022, Food-Grown® Vitamin D was found to be 100% better absorbed than the leading tablet and 50% better absorbed than the leading spray. 

In 2023, Food-Grown® Magnesium was found to significantly reduce tiredness and fatigue while increasing sleep quality and quantity. 

“We like to put our products through their paces. More specifically, through independent, double blind, placebo-controlled scientific studies.” Charlie Norton, Co-Founder & Product Director  

The whole you

“When it comes to nutrition, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. You’re unique, your nutritional needs are too. That’s why our all-woman team of expert nutritional therapists offers a free consultation service.” Henrietta Norton 

Through Food-Grown® supplements and personalised one-to-one advice, Wild Nutrition are here to support every twist and turn of your life journey. Every version of you. Body and mind. The whole you.

Proudly B Corp 

Achieving B Corp certification in 2021 was a milestone moment, an affirmation of Wild Nutrition's promise to tread lightly on the planet, and, more importantly, to hold themselves accountable for the future too. 

Continually improving their Impact Score is their North Star, guiding them to reduce their carbon impact by cutting energy consumption and making refillable, plastic-free options across their entire product range.

"Hand on heart, I believe that business can be a force for good, respecting people and planet while operating profitably." Charlie Norton, Co-Founder & Product Director