Amelia Nour Speaks with Lucy Palmer, Founder of Hair Gain

Meet the founder of one of our favourite hair care brands, Hair Gain. We spoke with Lucy Palmer, who gave us the lowdown on her journey, sharing what inspired her to help women across the world with Hair Gain’s award-winning range of supplements and topicals. Lucy also drew on her years of experience with some essential tips on combating hair loss and told us how her vision will continue to drive Hair Gain’s future. 

What is the story behind Hair Gain? 

Hair Gain has truly been a personal journey for me. It all started when I experienced postpartum hair shedding after the birth of my daughter. I was miserable. I lost handfuls of hair each day, and it looked thin, and felt dry and lacklustre. It really knocked my confidence and I felt really alone! I began to research what was happening to me and I was stunned to learn that my issue was a huge problem for millions of women. It’s estimated that 8 million women** suffer with hair loss at some point in their lives, and that’s just in the UK!

I looked everywhere for a product that would stop my hair shed, but nothing worked for me. My background is in food supplements and nutrition, so I decided to put my extensive knowledge to good use and create a world class food supplement that would feed follicles at source.

I spent two years researching ingredients and formulating, working alongside the very best nutritionists and trichologists. The result is a multi-award-winning hair care brand dedicated to helping improve the thickness and overall appearance of thinning and damaged hair.

What is so special about Hair Gain?

Firstly, we deeply understand the emotional impact of hair loss and the stigma associated with it. This has driven our determination to collaborate with expert scientists, trichologists and nutritionists to create world class, efficacious hair supplements and topical treatments that support women’s hair care regimes across the globe.

AnaGain™ is the unique ingredient that powers the Hair Gain range. Derived from the organic peashoot, it has been shown to stimulate specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla that are responsible for reactivating hair growth. And while the pea shoot may be humble, it packs a mighty wallop! In the wild they contend with disease, damage, herbivores and UV rays. They’ve developed amazingly powerful nutrients to defend themselves, and these very same nutrients can do wonders for your hair. 

What is your ambition for Hair Gain? 

To continue expanding the Hair Gain range and creating world-class hair care products for men and women, for all hair types and for all lifestyles, that support and make a real difference in their lives. I want us to be renowned for helping people with hair loss, I want to be the go-to brand, and I want people to have full confidence and trust in our formulations and products.

What would be the three key things you would advise women experiencing hair loss?

  • Start using Hair Gain - our nutritional supplements and superb topicals will help support follicles from the inside and the outside.
  • Stop fixating on your hair loss – it can be a vicious cycle which makes you more anxious and can cause further hair loss. My advice is to try and distract yourself from it as much as possible.
  • Eliminate stress as much as you possibly can and carve out some time each week that is just for you.

How important is it to you to raise awareness and acceptance of hair loss? 

Hair loss should not be embarrassing or stigmatising for any woman. Experiencing hair loss for any reason is horrible. I had never been warned about postpartum hair loss and had no idea it was a problem facing 300,000 women a year.

The more I spoke to other women the more I realised that hair loss is a huge problem. It's also an issue that we tend to suffer with in silence. Breaking down the taboo of hair loss is a huge part of our mission. We want women to know they do not need to suffer in silence and go through it alone. 

All our before and after pictures from our wonderful community show just how well the Hair Gain capsules or gummies can work when you are experiencing hair loss issues, and they share them in the hope that other women can discover and benefit from Hair Gain.

How do you feel each time you hear from a customer or see their pictures showcasing how well Hair Gain has worked?

This is why Hair Gain was born and it makes all the hard work worthwhile. It brings me so much joy to see women with their hair and confidence restored knowing that Hair Gain has helped. We hear from so many women around the world who tell us that Hair Gain is the only product that has truly helped them. Some have spent years suffering from hair loss and spent thousands of pounds on products to try and restore it. Nothing beats knowing that Hair Gain has given them their hair and confidence back.

What is your ultimate hair care regime?

Firstly, take two Hair Gain Hair Capsules or Gummies daily – scientifically formulated to support healthy hair from within. 

Brilliant topicals are also crucial. Our Hair Gain Scalp Foam helps reduce hair shed and get fuller, thicker hair. Use every night before bed. Once a week, build in our Hair Gain Hair Mask with a scalp massage to provide your hair and scalp with intense nourishment and hydration. 

Avoid using hair styling tools too often, and when you do, turn the heat dial down. Use a gentle silk scrunchie instead of a tight band to avoid placing stress on your strands. Maintain a good diet, take time every day to relax and make sure you get a good night’s sleep. 

Why have you partnered with Amelia Nour?

There is a lot of synergy between Hair Gain and Amelia Nour and we share the same philosophy of providing meaningful purpose to the lives of our customers. We are honoured to be one of Meesha’s handpicked brands and are excited to promote the shared values of self-care with Amelia Nour.

Watch this space as we will be launching some innovative new products with Amelia Nour very soon and have some great collaborations planned.

**According to the NHS, 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss or some type of alopecia. Harvard Health Publishing estimates around a third of women will be affected at some point in their lives.