Hello Peptide Puff™

Introducing Peptide Puff™ - Hair Gain’s Next Generation Aerosol-free Dry Shampoo

Offering a quick fix for oily hair while refreshing hair between washes, it’s no surprise that dry shampoo’s become a central part of haircare routines as our lives get busier and busier! Yet despite the benefits, traditional dry shampoo products come with drawbacks. They’re messy to apply and you often get more on the carpet than you do on your hair! Aerosol cans are cumbersome and they’re bad for the environment too, polluting the air with harmful chemicals. And the ingredients can also spell bad news for your hair and scalp health. 

Essential though dry shampoo is, no wonder so many of us hate the stuff! If you’re tired of traditional dry shampoos and are looking for a kinder, cleaner, scalp friendly alternative, then say hello to Peptide Puff™, Hair Gain’s new non-aerosol dry shampoo. The Amelia Nour team are excited to introduce this innovative new product that’s about to change the game in hair care. Let’s delve into what makes Peptide Puff™ so special.

Kind to your hair and scalp

Dermatologically tested and scientifically formulated, its revolutionary vegan formula is infused with a unique blend of complex peptides, vitamins and caffeine. Designed to provide optimal care for your hair and scalp and free of harsh chemicals and irritants, Peptide Puff™ is suitable for everyone, even those of us with the most sensitive of scalps. Hair Gain spent three years developing the product to create the best possible formulation to care for your hair and scalp between washes. As with all Hair Gain products, the Peptide Puff™ is recommended and endorsed by Trichologists too. 

Effective immediately

Peptide Puff™ instantly gets to work, absorbing grease, oil and sweat, while odours are neutralised with its timeless salted sage and driftwood fragrance. Tresses are refreshed in a jiffy, while volume, body and texture are delivered in a puff of magic! The result is an amazing “clean hair” feeling. 

Easy-to-apply wherever you are

Peptide Puff™ comes in a stunning pot with an exclusively designed padded puff applicator. You can target application to where your hair needs it. No more trying to control aerosol spray that gets everywhere – no more mess, and no more waste! This also means the Peptide Puff™ pot lasts much longer than traditional aerosol dry shampoos, and the pot can go with you wherever you are. Slip Peptide Puff™ in your handbag and you’ll never be caught out with greasy, lifeless hair again!

Kind to the environment

Less waste, no harmful chemicals and aerosol-free, not only is Peptide Puff™ good for our purses, but it’s great for the world around us too! 

Hair Gain’s Peptide Puff™ is no ordinary dry shampoo. Convenience, effectiveness and eco-friendliness come together in a revolutionary product that’s kind to hair and scalp too! It’s another fantastic, game-changing product from Hair Gain’s stable of award-winning topicals and supplements. Join the thousands of women discovering the difference Hair Gain makes to their hair and scalp health. Your hair will thank you!