Everything you need to know about RLI candles

Our latest recruit within Amelia Nour's wellness sector for your homeware and self-care routine is RLI Candles. Founded in February 2019, RLI is an independent luxury candles brand based in London. Their wanderlust invoking first collection takes inspiration from the founder's fondest travel memories, with each candle representing a unique place in the world.

Each candle is inspired by the local flowers and scents of the most beautiful pockets around the globe. They each tell a different story and seek to evoke the memory (or inspire the planning!) of a different adventure.

The idea behind RLI's first collection was to create a selection of collectable, luxurious objects that you will want to treasure long after the candle wax is gone.

For their first candles, they decided to collaborate with the incredibly talented Cecilia Carlstedt, who created their bespoke illustrations.

Capri £4

Think salty, sun-kissed skin. Citrusy scents as you walk along the twisting paths. A hot summer's day in the South of Italy, just out of the deep blue sea. Fresh notes of neroli, bergamot, sea salt and geranium - Welcome to Capri.

Up in the Andes £45

Dreaming of early-morning horse riding through the Andes. Windy, messy hair, an old leather saddle, breathtaking views. Rich notes of blackcurrant, pine needles, aged leather and pink pepper - Welcome to San Martin de Los Andes.