Laouta Greek Body Oils

Laouta natural products is a small family business which unites the expertise and long-standing experience in cosmetics, horticulturalism, and chemical engineering of its founding members. Laouta natural products and their beneficial qualities are the result of a long study of wild herbs and other natural products of Greece.

Using 100% natural, locally sourced, vegetarian ingredients, Laouta offer a selection of cold-process moisturizing oils, balms and other skincare products, inspired by traditional Mediterranean recipes. All products are made by hand, in small quantities using handpicked ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil and wild herb extracts form the basis of their products, which makes Laouta natural products unique.

The products come in 100% recyclable, biodegradable containers. They do not contain parabens, stabilizers, synthetic dyes, synthetic ingredients, perfumes or preservatives. The production process does not burden the environment and does not involve animal testing. Laouta natural products are subject to fair trade rules both in terms of production and final pricing. Their mission is to produce and promote high-quality herbal cosmetics that are affordable and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Mastic Beach Body Oil SPF 6 £18


Get glowing with Laouta's natural SPF 6 Mastic beach body oil, with mastic and hippophae. In Greece, Mastic is known as tears of Chios, being traditionally produced on that Greek island, and, like other natural resins, is produced in "tears" or droplets. Enriched with herbal extracts and nutritional oils, it stimulates a healthy, vibrant and golden long lasting tan, while hydrating and protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Oh, and the bottle is also made from sugarcane!

Fig Beach Oil SPF 6 £18                  


Get luminous with the fig and hippophae beach body oil. Hippophae is a plant that has been used for centuries for both topically and medicinally. This plant contains up to a whopping 12 times the amount of Vitamin C in Oranges. This makes it great for brightening the skin and evening out any pigmentation or age spots whilst boosting elasticity, hydration and inflammation, as well as fighting acne-causing bacteria. The delectable fig scent of this beautiful oil transports you straight to a sweet and salty Mediterranean night. Figs are celebrated in skincare for their high Vitamin A and C properties that promote exfoliation and elimination of surface skin cells, which helps refresh and renew your skin.

Cacao Beach Body Oil SPF 6 £18

Bronze beach body oil for a radiant long lasting goddess glow on the shores. Imagine a word where you cover yourself in chocolate - Cacao is a rich source of minerals including sulfur, copper, manganese, zinc, iron and omega 6 fatty acids. Applied topically, these minerals absorb into the skin. This helps supply us with some of the key nutrients necessary for healthy skin, whilst promoting cellular healing and cell damage prevention. As a potent anti-inflammatory, cacao soothes redness and blemishes, also its super antioxidant properties protects against free radical damage. Eco bottle made from sugarcane with certification "I am Green".

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