Jubilant Juicing

We've recently been exploring with all manner of green juice recipes and this one has made the cut for your kitchen. Juicing alchemises eclectic blends of fruits and vegetables into highly medicinal elixirs that are capable of healing the body and the mind. Juice is also deeply calming to the nervous system and is full of nutrients that can easily be absorbed into the body without taxing the digestive system.

The inherent sweetness of apples and cucumber are accented by the elegant vegetal note of spinach in this delicate juice. The taste is accelerated by lime and ginger, leaving you both energised and bestowed with beautiful skin as this blend alkalises, mineralises and hydrates.

makes approximately 750ml of juice 

i n g r e d i e n t s : 

1 whole large cucumber 

5 apples (any variety) 

3 limes (rind and pitch removed, use a peeler)

6cm fat chunk of ginger 

200g spinach

m e t h o d :

Simply feed all ingredients to your juicer, alternating between the fruit and veg, and allow the magic (and fun!) to commence. Best drank straight away, served on ice.