Meet Fleur Sladen, founder of Blooming Blends

Introducing one of our newest luxury wellbeing brands, Blooming Blends. Experience the pioneering line of award-winning herbal tinctures, blending ancient plant knowledge with modern techniques. Each tincture is expertly crafted with powerful herbs to support your needs. We had the pleasure of speaking with founder Fleur Sladen, who shared her inspiration for the brand, the advantages of using her formulas, and her top wellbeing tips.  

How it started. What inspired you to create Herbal Tinctures?

"A cook by trade, I originally had a food delivery business providing food for new mums and dads. Whilst learning about the most supportive foods for new mothers, I developed a love and understanding for herbs and their incredible healing properties to help our bodies adapt and balance. During this time, I also discovered the wonderful world of tinctures and all their unsung benefits. I wanted to bring this forgotten herbal therapy back into 21st century life and to make tinctures easier to understand and more readily available for everyone to use."

How did your research enable you to create your formulas?

"I was lucky enough to meet an incredible medical herbalist who helped me create the formulas of our blends."

What are the benefits of taking Herbal Tinctures?

"Tinctures are an ancient way of taking herbs and plants. We make our tincture blends by steeping and macerating the herbs in ethanol, which is the traditional, superior carrier of the plants’ therapeutic benefits. When it is ready, we distill the alcohol off the herbal liquid and are left with an incredibly potent blend of each herb’s salutary properties. We then add glycerine as our natural preservative (glycerine is the sap from the rapeseed plant. It tastes sweet but it is very low GI so it will not spike your blood sugar or rot your teeth!)."

"So effectively, a tincture is a ‘herbal tea infusion’ but on steroids!  It is the same process of steeping herbs in liquid but on a much stronger scale. The amazing benefits of taking tinctures, is that when we imbibe herbs in a liquid form, we absorb and utilise 98% of the plants’ properties, but only 50% if taken as a pill, tablet or powder. The recommended way to take tinctures is directly under the tongue as our bodies then quickly absorb the liquid; making tinctures fast and effective to use."

Do you have any tips or advice to share for taking the Herbal Tinctures?

"My one tip/advice for taking tinctures is to ‘listen to your body’. Our tinctures are not designed to be taken every day, you only need to take them if and when you feel you need them. For example, if you are not sleeping well, then take NIGHTTIME to help your body find a natural restful night, but if you are sleeping well, do not take it!  The same for DIGESTION. If you are not experiencing bloating or trapped wind that needs easing, then you do not need to take this tincture. One of the reasons they are in a 30ml bottle, is that it makes our tinctures brilliantly portable, so you can always have them on you, just in case!"