We meet with Sophie Thompson, Founder of Sister & Co.

Meet the newest addition to our beauty shelves, Sister & Co. that is taking the beauty industry by storm with its natural and organic skincare, bath and body and home fragrance formulas using only the best ingredients. We met with Sophie Thompson, founder of Sister & Co. to talk about the eco-conscious brand and its new revamped formulas.

Hello Sophie, what do you do for a living?

I run Sister & Co., an organic skincare, body care and home fragrance brand. Between that and looking after my two children Jake (6) and Thea (2) and our puppy Penny, life is pretty busy! 

Why was it important for you to create a clean and sustainable brand?

Around 10 years ago I was in India on a yoga retreat and the ladies working there produced an amazing organic virgin coconut oil which they used on their skin and hair. I know coconut oil is everywhere now but at that time in the UK you could only find low grade refined coconut oil at the back of the occasional supermarket shelf, and only for cooking with. I brought back a few kilograms of this incredible quality oil to share with friends and family. Everyone that tried it was as impressed with its skin benefits as I was, which led me on the journey to create a brand and sell it more widely. 

Discovering the effectiveness of organic coconut oil sparked my passion for natural skin and body care. And as my knowledge about what goes into so many mass-produced personal care products grew (in particular preservatives like parabens), I became even more passionate about creating effective, user-friendly, luxurious natural alternatives that worked, but meant you never had to worry about what they were made from.

I love the fact that our natural formulations are made with ingredients sourced from abundant natural resources rather than synthetic ingredients derived from petrochemicals, which so many products contain - and are therefore far kinder to the planet. 

You recently revamped your formulas as well as the packaging. What motivated you to make these changes?

Our new striped packaging reflects our brand identity and focus on the fact that we're straight down the line about what we do (formulate natural and organic products that never compromise on luxury or efficacy) and what we don't (never use controversial chemicals and never test on animals). We've also moved to amber UV light filtering glass which helps protect the longevity of our products. However, most of our formulas remain the same. The exception is our Family & Baby range where we have added organic oat kernel oil. This is a fantastically gentle, nourishing oil and the emerging scientific data about its benefits to children's skin was so compelling that I wanted it in our formulas. 

What is your favourite Sister & Co product?

I love all our products but I think it would have to be our Myrtle and Mint Velvet Bath. It's so uplifting and refreshing and never fails to boost my mood with one sniff!  

Any beauty tips for boosting your wellbeing?

It's a really boring one, but sleep... sleep... and more sleep! Having two young children, it hasn't been something that's been super easy to come by over the last few years but as soon as I get 7 hours or more, I feel so much better and see the difference straight away in my skin. I just wish it happened more that once in a blue moon...