New Arrivals: SA.AL & CO.

Amelia Nour is adding the men’s premium skincare line, SA.AL & CO to the inventory. Produced in Austria, this company focuses on the core elements of great skincare: choosing great ingredients that give great results in a great selection of products. Plus, the brand produces multi-purpose products to help simplify your routine.

Renowned for their use of natural ingredients in a sophisticated formula, SA.AL & CO have an uncompromising standard for the choice and sourcing of their ingredients, often procuring ingredients from around the local region. Using a small batch production, the brand is able to keep the amount of time elapsing between bottling and delivery to a minimum, so that you can enjoy a product with a high level of freshness and effectiveness.

It is not only the ingredients that are held to a high standard. The aluminium packaging is completely recyclable, designed to maintain the quality of the product for longer as well as leaving minimum impact on the environment.

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