Nourishing the body in the colder months

For most of us, our usual glowy and fresh skin is a far cry from its summer glory during the winter months. During the artificially-heated season of uninspiring dreary mornings that are not conducive to your 6am workout, a nourished body feels more difficult to maintain.

When it comes to body care, the season-wide basics involve stimulating the lymph (dry body brushing, anyone?), staying hydrated (try slightly heating the water in your fave re-usable bottle so it's not so cold for your bowels), keeping warm (we prescribe daily: toe socks and a hot water bottle!) and of course, regular and ritual moisturising and exfoliation. 

But as we know, the tried and tested fail safe is that: clean, non-toxic skincare makes an enormous difference to any skincare regime, rain or shine. Listed below are our three top products for nourishing the body in the colder months...

Prismologie cedarwood and ruby dry body oil £40


Prismologie is a natural mood-enhancing brand that harnesses the transformative power of colours, and in this case, it's Red for Vigour. This ‘Super Hydrator’ body oil is blended with Marine Extract, Antioxidants and Ruby micro-crystals. Feel an activating boost of energy from the powerful cedarwood fragrance that will have you moving mountains before lunchtime. We suggest applying the oil after a hot shower in the morning or after your a.m. dry body brushing sesh and allow the warming sensations of this product to envelop your skin, ignite your passion and help you take on the world.

Magic organic apothecary dreamy mineral soak £23

MOA's formulas are free from animal testing, do not use petrochemicals (mineral oil), parabens, SLS, phthalates, fillers or artificial fragrance. Mineral rich Himalayan pink salt and sea salt in MOA's Dreamy Mineral Soak cleanse and purify the skin whilst helping to kick start sluggish circulation. A salt bath restores hydration, so it won’t leave your skin wrinkly! Lavender oil promotes relaxation, whilst warm and spicy cardamom oil offers relief from emotional stress.

Boobs essential £29 



The colder night call in for all manners of self-love. Massaging your breasts with this oil enables you to catch two b(irds)oobs with one stone. While this genie-in-a-bottle contains many essential nutrients, it also nourishes your skin making it softer and smoother. Boobs Essential For Every Woman combines Organic Sweet Almond Oil which is antioxidant-rich, high in vitamin E, fat and protein. The Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) - often described as the anti-aging oil - helps to cleanse the mind and research has shown that it may be effective for advanced breast cancers as well as for cancer prevention as it activates arrays of genes and pathways that suppress the growth and induce the apoptosis of established cancer cell lines of different tissue origins. Sandalwood is known to be good in the fight against breast cancer as research suggests it prevents the development of skin cancers and tumours. Combined with Frankincense these effects become more potent. Myrrh is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and supports the immune system and research has shown that applying Myrrh Oil topically can have a significant inhibitory effect in the breast cancer cell lines. Massage away ladies (and gents!)

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