The simplest of breathing tips for a mindful New Year

Did you know that you inherently posses a tool that vanquishes stress? This tool of such simplicity, purity and such minimalistic beauty is often and easily overlooked due to its sheer humility. This tool doesn’t cost a penny, it requires no complicated instruction and is readily available to be accessed anytime and anywhere. This wellbeing tool of yours serves more like powerful armoury that deflects qualms and is the ultimate antidote to the everyday. This tool, is your humble ability to breathe.

It may sound odd to accredit such prestige to an automatic process, yet in truth, this involuntary physiological miracle just so happens to 'conveniently' keep us alive. The Chinese Daoist master Yu Wen once said: “Energy being like water, stagnation leads to decay.” In other words, if we stop the flow of energy and oxygen through our body by not breathing mindfully, inevitably, stagnation and illness ensue.

So what’s the best way to breathe?

It's not complicated - just breathe. Draw your attention inward, close your eyes and simply observe the subtle yet noticeable sensations of the breath. Such as, the cooler temperature of the inhalation as you breathe-in slowly through your nose, compared to the slightly warmer temperature of the breath as you breathe-out by your nose. The rise/inflation of the tummy and chest as you breathe-in, followed by the fall/deflation of the tummy and chest as you breathe-out. The sibilant, refreshingly oceanic sound that long deep breaths create at the back of the throat space, the turning of your own internal tides.

It's hard to go wrong or make mistakes in the simple and divinely meditative task of breath observation. Plus, even the simplest of mindful breathing helps encourage the energy to flow through your body, mind an spirt again so you can continue with your day rejuvenated. We prescribe just 5 minutes of mindful breathing in the morning, at lunchtime and before bed - Three minor installations of a wellness-method that will change your life, guaranteed. 

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