Beach Waves & Tight Curls Rectangular Brush

7 inch rectangular brush

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The BreakFree™ Beach Waves Rectangular Brush is the fastest way to achieve texture and loose waves with less pain, effort, and breakage. The unique 7-inch rectangular barrel provides endless styling possibilities. HeatFlex® bristles bend and flex through hair preventing pulling and snagging. A proprietary VitaBoost® complex is infused into the barrel to enhance styling performance.
How to use
Create textured waves by twisting the brush while blow-drying. Change the angle of the brush to create different textures. Finish each section with a blast of cool air to set style and lock in shine
About WetBrush
An innovative approach to hair care, WetBrush offers an unrivaled transformation to locks. Its ability to detangle in minutes simplifies mane maintenance to a great extent. Its 'IntelliFlex' technology equips the thin yet strong and flexible bristles with the ability to adjust to the hair texture and swiftly glide through knots with minimal tugging, tearing, or damage to locks.

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