Sol Bergamot, Lily & Moss Small Copper Candle


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Like a walk through the woods on a fresh, dewy morning this earthy, androgynous aroma features strong, masculine citrus and intense fern-like notes. This strong rich base is gently complimented by the uplifting top notes of perennial floral and Lily of the Valley. The small Cocolux candle lasts up to 60 hours, then its gorgeous vessel can be repurposed in numerous ways—from a vase to a container for beauty accessories, planter, and stationary holder and more. Refillable with any small Cocolux candle refill, this handcrafted Australian beauty is free of soy, palm, and paraffin wax and contains only the finest fragrance oils, sustainable coconut oil, and semi-precious minerals.
How to use
In order to get the most out of your Cocolux candle, burn it until the majority of the surface of the candle melts. Wax has ‘memory’ so it will follow the first burn so make sure not to extinguish the candle until the majority of the surface has melted. Some wax may remain on the sides which will continue to melt down as you continue each burn. To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, the wick should be trimmed to a length of 5mm each time before lighting.
Hand crafted in Australia using the finest fragrance oils, sustainable coconut oil and semi precious minerals.
About Cocolux Australia
Inspired by nature, Cocolux luxury scented candles and diffusers are made using earth-friendly coconut oil, at a time when the majority of home fragrance brands still contain petroleum derived paraffin and unsustainably produced soy wax.

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