Menstrual Cup - Large

1 x menstrual cup

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BeYou's Menstrual Cup is an empowering addition to their range of period pain relievers. Available in two sizes, 'Medium' and 'Large', it's made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone - and eco-friendly too with no BPA, no latex and no dye. With up to three tampons' capacity, you can enjoy leak-free comfort for 12 hours - or, for even better safety, every 4-8 hours. Not only is it a comfortable and discreet solution, it's also financially savvy with each cup lasting for years! Make the switch and start saving money and the planet today.
How to use
Before your first use, thoroughly wash your cup and hands. Fold your cup into a C-shape, folding firmly between your thumb and finger. Push the curved edge into the vaginal opening and up towards your back. Run your finger around the side of the menstrual cup to ensure it is fully open. To release, gently squeeze the base to release the seal. Making sure to keep the cup upwards, slowly pull the cup out and pour any menstrual bloom into the toilet. To clean, cover fully with water and boil for 5 - 7 minutes. If you are in a public toilet, take a small bottle of water into the cubicle to rinse the cup and remember to wash the cup more thoroughly at the next convenient time. If overseas always use drinking water to clean the cup.
100% soft, medical grade silicone.
About Be You
Desperate to soothe period pain? Look no further than BeYou's exhaustive selection of all-natural products! Their discreet and convenient Relief Patches, Drops and Sprays make it easy to keep cramps and pains at bay, so you can continue your day without interruption from Mother Nature.

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