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Perfect Nights Sleep Magnesium Body Butter

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NEOM's Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter gives you dreamy floral lavender vibes to help you get that much needed rest. As shea butter and aloe vera nourish the skin, added magnesium regulates your sleep cycle.



  • Magnesium helps to balance the 'sleep-wake cycle' and supports production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin too.
  • Neom's Body Butters contain 88mg of magnesium per 5ml of product. Why?... Magnesium is known for being well absorbed when applied topically so this is a great way to get extra magnesium as part of your skincare routine. Win Win!
  • 87% had a good nights sleep after using Perfect Night's Sleep Body Butter.
  • 100% natural fragrances.



    • To get the full Perfect Night's Sleep Body Butter experience apply daily.
    • Massage the equivalent of a heaped tablespoon of the Body Butter for sleep all over your body.
    • Do some mindful breathing, in for 7, out for 11.


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