The Candle to Match Your Mood

The act of lighting a candle can be enough to spark a change in mood or even enhance it. These are our top five picks that will help you achieve your goals from relaxing to recharging.

Holiday at Home

Who wouldn’t want to be jetting off on an exotic relaxing holiday right now? Unfortunately for a lot of us, we can’t do that right now. So, why not light up Cocolux Australia’s Sol Coconut, Ginger and Pomelo Candle and let the bright citrus tones transport you to your own tropical island where you can unwind, fantasising about your next holiday. 


When you need a boost to get you through the rest of your week, we suggest Neom Organics Refreshed Scented Candle. Specially formulated with natural fragrance, this 24 essential oil candle not only smells amazing but has an energising effect on the mind and body, helping you through the week.

Feeling low

In need of a pick me up? We suggest Ecoya’s Blood Orange Candle. The combinations of this candle’s aromas mix to create an uplifting and radiant fragrance to help brighten anyone’s mood. What’s not to love?


Light the Selena and Sophia’s Sakura Candle and let the scent of delicate freesias and citrus add a crispness to your mind helping you to be focussed on the things that really matter. 


When you want a break from normality Cocolux Australia’s Luna Exotic Amber and Spice Candle is the one you’ll want. Full of dark amber, cardamon and frankincense, this unisex scent combines all three with Persian spices to imbue a sense of excitement for those who light it. 

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