New In: Tata Harper's Superkind Range

Nothing this powerful has ever been this gentle!

Tata Harper has released 3 new products to add to your skincare regime! To mark the new release we spoke to Cori, an Education Team Member at Tata Harper, to get all the inside information. 


Hi Amelia Nour! My name is Cori and today I am super excited to walk you through our new collection Superkind. Superkind has been three years in the making, Tata and the team have worked so hard to create these beautiful complex formulas for reactive skin.  

Reactive skin is something complex and so the best solutions for it are going to be as well. These formulas are free from over 80 known skin triggers, free of essential oils, there are no wheat, gluten, soy or tree nuts, and they are rigorously dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. 

Each formula is meticulously curated, featuring ingredients that are going to help fortify, replenish and optimise your skin barrier. So whether you have sensitive skin, or sensitised skin, both are reactive, both have similar symptoms and both have a weakened skin barrier. So, Superkind is skincare to help fortify your barrier at every single layer. 

So let’s walk you through each one of these amazing products.

Superkind Cleanser

Softening Cleanser - £75

Cleanse + Exfoliate

Softening Cleanser is a micro foaming cream cleanser that comforts the skin while gently dissolving build up and impurities. It features a lipid complex that supports a healthy skin barrier and restores nutrients to help soothe and soften stressed and reactive skin like maracuya seed oil as well as calendula flower bud. The foaming action comes from cassava tapioca and it leaves your skin feeling cleansed, conditioned, supple and so hydrated. Apply dry and then add water to create the beautiful mirco-foam.

Radiance Mask - £57

Exfoliates + Restores 

Radiance Mask features 14 high performance ingredients including a self neutralising AHA blend that helps to gently slough off dead skin cells without disrupting the skin barrier. To use this mask, either apply a thin layer and sleep in it overnight, or apply a thick layer and massage it into the skin until it turns white and then rinse after twenty minutes. This mask is also going to hydrate stress depleted skin with a sugar carbohydrate complex and balance the microbiome with sugar prebiotics too. 

Fortifying Moisturizer - £104

Shields + Nourishes 

Fortifying Moisturiser features 28 high performance ingredients including microalgae peptides which acts as an allergen micro filter to provide a protective cocoon to help shield sensitisers and aggressors to prevent sensitive skin from overreacting. This formula also features intensive age defence with a mulberry leaf complex which provides wrinkle smoothing benefits, skin firming and brightening too. Micro and macro hyaluronic acid are going to hydrate the skin.

Find Tata Harper's new Superkind range here.