Digital Detox: what we learnt

A digital detox may sound as daunting as rehab to an addict, but in modern day reality, aren't we all addicted to technology in some way? Although the toxicities of the modern world extend way further the digital world, the gravitas of its harmful potentialities can be highly insidious.

Whilst on one hand, we totally love and appreciate the digital age for its glorious cultivation of a global connectivity web; sometimes, you just need a little break!

Our team are huge advocates of personal digital detoxes and this January, Amelia Nour as a business embraced a social media digital detox for the first month of the decade! We chose to welcome the year business-wise devoid of social media and these are the three key lessons that we learnt...

Social Presence  

Ironically taking time away from the online social world, we were able to be more social than ever. Walking away from the screens meant better face-to-face meetings, enriched interpersonal skills and somewhat of a renaissance of the classic-face-to-face! Rather than messaging over screens, we focused hotly upon person-to-person address and feel so much more human.

Magnetic attraction boost

Focusing less upon social media foresight and the world of screens, naturally we were more "in the moment". This unexpectedly unearthed a remarkable chain of business (and personal!) "flows" for us (watch this space)! Being less consumed by technology clears your energetic field and auric energy pathway, allowing you to notice and attract prosperity where it may have been obstructed before...

Mental wellbeing

Comparison kills joy, stay in your own lane! Business or personal, social media has a crafty knack for yes boosting confidence, but also rapidly destroying it! This detox has taught us that taking time out from a highly competitive comparison platform is one of the most positive forms of removal to foster a stronger sense of identity, purpose and self appreciation. So our summary for this learning curve is: Whoever you are and whatever you're doing, know that you're so much more than enough, well done!