NEW: BeYou Period

After being period-shamed herself for using a hot water bottle at work, Kru teamed up with her brother Hems to launch Be You: a sustainable period care range with natural, science backed solutions to help you feel empowered on your period. 

The Monthly Period Patched, £7.95

These biodegradable patches offer discreet and natural relief from period pain for up to 12 hours so you can continue your day whether you are working, on the go or at the gym for a quick workout. 

Menstrual Cup, £14.99

Holding up to 3 tampons worth of blood, the Be You Menstrual Cup helps reduce the typical plastic waste produced by traditional period products. Made from medical grade silicone, the cup is long lasting - and the best part? Once you have your period cup you'll be sorted for your visit by mother nature for months to come - helping you save on your period product purchases.

Chafing Cream, £13

Whether it's thigh chafing or under-boob sweat - we've all been there. Creating a water and sweat resistant barrier, Be You's Chafing Cream leaves behind a silky finish, helping your thighs breeze past each other, even in the summer heat. 

Plant Picked Iron Gummies, £16.99

With the blood loss during your period, it's no wonder that some women suffer with iron deficiencies. Be You's Iron Gummies aim to increase your daily iron intake, helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue, all while offering a peach alternative to the traditional herbal-tasting tablets. 

Plant Picked Monthly Cycle Support, £19.99

Taking an integrated approach to women's health, Be You's Monthly Cycle Support aims to regulate hormonal activity as well as support mental and physical wellbeing, keeping you grounded no matter the time of the month. 

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