Beauty Interview: Laura Tudor

To mark the start of our new Founder Series, this week we had the chance to talk with Laura Tudor, founder of one of our newest arrivals at Amelia Nour, CENTRED.

Tell us more about CENTRED.

So, CENTRED. is an award-winning range of expert haircare and nutrition products which we combine with straight-talking and supportive advice for the stressed-out hair, body, and mind. We have a huge focus on self-care and wellbeing at CENTRED. and we try to help our customers improve their hair health from the inside out and the outside in.

I started CENTRED. back in 2017 after experiencing pretty dramatic hair loss and being completely out of balance. I was really disappointed with the quality and the performance of natural hair care products on the market, so I decided to go out and make my own.

What is your evening hair care ritual? 

My evening haircare ritual is always going to be getting into some type of water therapy. It always calms me down after a busy day, so just running a hot bath and putting on some type of hair mask is always a wonderful end to the day. Then I always tie my hair up with a silk hair bobble before I go to bed to just reduce any breakage and to keep my hair off my face when I’m sleeping.

And in the morning? 

So, my morning routine is to without fail take my supplements. I take two of our supplements at the moment. I’m taking our Tender Love and Hair Supplement which is designed specifically to help reduce stress levels, support the immune system and to improve energy levels all while promoting healthy hair growth. And I do have to say that taking a supplement has been the most beneficial thing to help me grow my hair back. 

The second supplement that I take is our Organic Lions Mane and Mushroom Extract. Now Lions Mane is an absolutely incredible ingredient. It’s classified as a nootropic which means that it has brain enhancing qualities. I take Lions Mane to help me with my focus and with my clarity for when I need to be on my A-game.

What are the benefits of taking hair supplements?

There are so many amazing benefits to taking a hair supplement and I actually see it as part of my self-care ritual now. I know that I’m constantly topping up my targeted nutrition to help me achieve my very best hair.

How do you define beauty? 

How do I define beauty? I feel that beauty for sure comes from within, you know. If I close my eyes for a second I can remember back to when I was completely burnt out, off-balance and exhausted and I feel that beauty just comes from looking after yourself internally and externally. It's all about how you feel. 

What do you love about being stocked at Amelia Nour?

We love being stocked with Amelia Nour because of the beautifully curated selection of brands that Meesha has handpicked and it is such an honour for CENTRED to be sitting alongside them. We also have some really exciting collaborations so make sure to keep an eye out as we’re going to be announcing some more information soon.


En-Root Scalp Treatment 
Unwind Detangling Hair Primer 
Daily Calma Shampoo 
Daily Calma Conditioner 
Tender Love & Hair Supplements
Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract 

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