New Arrivals: Mini Bloom

It’s time to announce a new brand is joining the Amelia Nour family!

Created out of the need for clean, safe and effective skincare products for babies, Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden and Alicia MooPow-Brammer combined their expertise to create Mini Bloom.

Inspired by nature and the science of plant-based remedies, Mini Bloom’s products are formulated with transparent, identifiable ingredients without the need for harmful substances. All responsibly sourced for minimum impact on the environment from development to doorstep.

As one of the founders of a high-performance adult skincare range, Lauren was surprised to learn that she struggled to find products suitable for her newborn’s skin that she could trust completely. As Lauren set out to make what she could not find on the market, she met Alicia, an author and newborn specialist. With Alicia’s support and guidance, Lauren was able to learn the best way to look after her children’s skin and know that she wasn’t alone in her search for children’s natural skincare.

Shop Mini Bloom here.