New Arrivals: Evolve Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Mask


We are super excited to introduce our brand new beauty recruit, Evolve’s Bio-Retinol Gold Mask. This gorgeous golden face mask contains all the best get-the-glow ingredients that work to nourish and hydrate your skin, whilst tackling signs of ageing by smoothing and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. 

Naturally fragranced with an uplifting scent, the fabulous golden shimmers originate from sustainably sourced mineral Mica, so this makes for an extremely luxurious and indulgent face mask. Also being 100% natural and certified COSMOS Organic, this new product was a no-brainer for Amelia Nour.


You would use this face mask if you wanted to feed and treat your skin to a boost of hydration, especially for the purpose of a little pamper night in! You would also use this mask if you have more mature skin and want to feed it ingredients that will help to plump up fine lines, smooth skin and help cellular renewal.


As this mask is 100% natural, it is suitable for all skin types. However, it works particularly well for those with normal, dry and mature skin types due to its anti-ageing benefits and its rich moisturising properties. Despite that it’s 100% natural and contains no nasties, just as you would with any other product, please be sure to conduct a patch test 24 hours before use to detect any sensitivities. 


Evolve’s Bio-Retinol Gold Mask is packed full of natural, organic and vegan ingredients. Including:

Bio-Retinol - This mask uses asustainable Bio Retinol analogue from the plant Bidens Pilosa. This works to smooth the skin, plump up wrinkles, stimulate collagen synthesis and rejuvenate the skin. Bidens Pilosa works like retinol on the skin to deliver the same rejuvenation benefits and cellular renewal, but without the added irritation. Unlike retinol, which can make your skin sensitive to the sun, this gold mask can be used at any time, year-round, making it the perfect way to enhance your summer glow.

This amazing ingredient also reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 36% and reduces the production of free-radicals, providing soothing effects. 

Rosehip Oil - Rosehip helps to fight signs of ageing and keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. It is rich in bio-retinol which helps promote cellular renewal and improves the appearance of scars. It is also rich in nourishing omega-3.  

Argan Oil - Argan oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acids, giving the skin a youthful glow. It is easily absorbed and highly moisturising. Argan oil helps to improve elasticity and leaves skin feeling plump and soft.

So as well as looking spectacular with it's golden glow, this new Gold Face Mask has been designed to provide a wide range of benefits to your skin - Don’t wait to get the glow, shop now

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