New Arrivals: Skin Glow London

Introducing our newest brand, Skin Glow London! 

Designed with ease in mind, these masks combine hi-tech and natural ingredients to provide long lasting results produced in a sustainable manner.

To welcome this new brand we spoke to creator, Oztas Riza for some inside information. 

Q1: What inspired you to create Skin Glow London? 

A: I really wanted to create really beautiful masks that felt amazing and really delivered results but also looked amazing on all skin tones. Growing up my mum always made sure to take care of her skin and it’s always been instilled in me to take care of myself.

Q2: What are the benefits of using a sheet mask? 

A: For me the main benefit is the instant result in plumped healthy looking skin and also it’s a moment of me time just 20 minutes of quiet.

Q3: Benefits of using an eye mask?

A:I have a problematic eye area. I feel like I am allergic to every eye cream so being able to use an amazing eye mask once or twice a week gives me bright, hydrated under eyes and no bags in sight.

Q4: What are your top 3 beauty tips?

A: Always cleanse properly day and night make sure you are spending at least a minute really cleansing your skin. Wear SPF no matter the weather. Use Skin Glow once a week for a perfect glow.

Shop Skin Glow London here.