AN Brand of the Month: Tata Harper

To continue our Brand of the Month series, we’ve chosen Tata Harper Skincare as our BOTM this May. As the Queen of Green herself, what’s not to love about this pioneering skincare brand.

Launched in 2010, Tata Harper Skincare was born out of Tata’s own wish for 100% natural products. After struggling to find products on the market that held up to her high standards of efficacy, quality and purity, Tata decided to create her own - for herself, and for women like her.

Instead of creating a basic skincare line, Tata Harper products contain numerous actives in a toxin-free formula to produce high quality results backed by science. Advocates for science and innovation, this luxury skincare range was one of the first brands to combine natural ingredients with the enhancement of technology.  

What started out on a farm in Vermont has now grown into the iconic green bottled brand we know today. Still packaged and produced on the same farm, Tata grows as much of the ingredients needed in her products that the climate will allow. 

This hand touched approach to the production of Tata Harper products is one of the reasons we love it here at Amelia Nour as a product will not be launched until it has won the approval of Tata herself. So you can be safe in the knowledge that every Tata Harper product you buy has been thoroughly tried and tested by Tata.

Shop Tata Harper here.