Get Your Best Rest

How are you all holding up?

We’ve found that lockdown has it’s up and downs. Torn between the torture of not being able to see family and friends, and the glorious blessing of more me-time - These times are challenging in their uncertainty. But obstacles tend to always be our greatest teachers and are usually where the most meaningful messages are hidden, it’s just a case of uncovering them. Read on for our “Get Your Best Rest” guide and how to get the most out of this quagmire...

Firstly, remember that this is a pandemic, not a productivity contest 

With the likes of Instagram live streaming 500 workouts a minute and DIY shops replenishing sell-out stock on the daily, remember everyone, there is a difference between productivity and pressure. Whilst for many this time of rest affords golden time to complete many workouts, household tasks and creative projects alike; don’t forget that you’re not in competition with anyone and don’t need to unnecessarily stress yourself out. We repeat: this is a pandemic, not a productivity contest. 

Practice and preach gratitude 

Whether you’re an intermediate gratitude-journalist, an internalised grateful list maker or that person who showers others with gifts to express all the G, feel it. Whether a bi-daily small prayer for the NHS or a grand COVID charity launch campaign, no amount of gratitude is ever wasted. We’ve just this week donated amounts of Sirocco’s serene-feels Moroccan Mint Tea to local hospitals for their staff to hopefully provide them with a moment of calm and wellness. Another part of our heartfelt thanks is our one-year-long 20% off discount for NHS workers, get in touch for the code, magic-workers.  

Start small by ritualising your health and beauty routine 

Routine is good for your head, fact. Health and beauty are essential aspects of wellbeing, fact. Rituals are actions with intentional symbolic meaning undertaken for a specific personal, social or cultural purpose, anthropological fact. Bash all of these together to craft yourself a healthful grid to operate upon, in a time where structure is hard (ironically) because so much time is offered at the moment. Discourage self-deprivation by ritualising an evening bath, or ritualising your morning beauty routine: Get up and glow like you would on any regular day, care for your skin, put on your make-up and get dressed (RIP, PJs!). Having the self-discipline to spur your ritual initiative (no matter how small!) will keep your head in a healthier state of organisation to help keep procrastination at bay. 

On that note, do some facemasks!

Lots of people have mentioned that their skin isn’t looking good as a result of isolation, likely due to stress and indeed, lack of routine. However, if there’s one instant beauty boost we can recommend, it’s a face mask. Choose from ours, or make your own! My go-to is simply mixing about 1tbsp of oats with 2tbsp honey and a sprinkling of sugar and applying it to steamed/warmed facial skin for about 10/15 minutes. This cheeky little whizz exfoliates, brightens, moisturises and soothes all in one. 


Do yourself the grace of maintaining regular bed-times. Sleep is the diamond of all the beauty jewels and whether you’re catching up on months of a lack of it, or creeping in a few late-night movie nights, make sure you’re getting those 8 hours a night and not letting your bedtimes sneak later and later.

Nurture yourself with your own inner best advice

Connect with your deepest space and discover what you truly need. If today is the day to do that banging workout, do it! If this evening is the evening for that 30 minute meditation, do it! If this morning is the time to bake that cake, bake it! If today is the day to do nothing, enjoy! You are ultimately your own best teacher. Listen to your highest intuitive voice and what she’s trying to dictate. We’re all totally different, so your day might be wildly different to a friend’s, and that’s so much more than fine. Just roll with your own inner tides, allow yourself to gracefully ebb and flow and let inspiration work it way to you naturally, without force or pretence. 

Last but not least, hydrate hydrate hydrate - enough said. 

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